LangSmith API Configuration


LangSmith can be integrated with AnswerRocket to effective trace all communication being made to your chosen language model.

Accessing the Feature

To access email configuration navigate to the Skill Studio area of the product and choose the API Configuration option from the left menu.

Configuring LangSmtih in AnswerRocket

Give the connection a name.  This field is flexible and useful to differentiate if you have multiple connections configured.

Specify your endpoint.  This is typically unless you host your own instance of LangSmith.

Enter the API key you have obtained from LangSmith.

Lastly specify the project that the traces should be tracked under.

Use Cases

Monitoring API Performance

LangSmith provides detailed tracing information, allowing you to monitor the performance of your language model API calls. This helps in identifying slow responses and optimizing the system for better performance.

Debugging and Error Tracking

With detailed traces, you can quickly pinpoint where errors are occurring in the API calls. This makes it easier to debug issues and improve the reliability of your application.

Usage Analysis

Understand how your language models are being utilized by tracking the frequency and nature of the API calls. This data can be valuable for capacity planning and ensuring that your infrastructure scales appropriately.

Compliance and Auditing

For industries that require strict compliance and auditing, LangSmith’s detailed tracing capabilities can provide the necessary logs and reports to meet regulatory requirements.

Troubleshooting Tips

Connection Issues

  • Check the Endpoint URL: Ensure that the endpoint URL specified in the configuration is correct. If you are hosting your own instance of LangSmith, verify the URL.
  • API Key Verification: Make sure that the API key is valid and has the necessary permissions.
  • Network Connectivity: Ensure there are no network issues that could be preventing the connection to the LangSmith endpoint.
  • Project Specification: Verify that the project name specified in the configuration matches exactly with the project name in LangSmith.


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