24.09 Release Notes

Enhanced Data Security, User Engagement Monitoring, and Custom Branding

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to AnswerRocket, bringing you enhanced data security, user engagement monitoring, and custom branding options. These improvements are designed to empower analysts who build copilots, manage data, and customize the user experience. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

Key Problems Addressed:

  1. Data Security Enhancements:

    • Ensuring only authorized users have access to manage datasets.
    • Enhanced sharing capabilities for copilots.
    • Integration with your data pipeline for real-time data refreshes.
  2. User Engagement Monitoring:

    • New tools to track and analyze user interactions with the product.
  3. Custom Branding:

    • Tailor the chat user experience with your company's colors.

New Features Shipped

  1. Enhanced Data Security:

    • Controlled Dataset Management: Only users with the appropriate rights can navigate to the "Manage Dataset" link on the copilot screens. If users do not have the necessary permissions, the option will be disabled, ensuring that data management is restricted to authorized personnel.
    • Shared Data Connections for Copilots: Copilots can now have entire Data Connections shared with them, granting Skill Platform access to all objects within the Data Connection. This includes detailed information about any dataset within the connection.
    • Real-Time Data Refresh via Skill Platform SDK: You can now use the Skill Platform SDK to request data refreshes within AnswerRocket. This feature integrates seamlessly with your data pipeline, ensuring that the system is always updated with the latest dimension values.
  2. User Engagement Monitoring:

    • Track System Usage: Connect to data that tracks system usage to build copilots that drive analytical insights into user engagement. If you have a "Local" data connection configured, it can be assigned from the Administration area under Tenant Configuration. This will update the underlying data every 30 minutes, providing timely insights into user behavior.
  3. Custom Branding:

    • Branded Chat Experience: Users can now personalize the chat experience with two branded colors. One color is used as the primary color for all buttons and actions, while the other customizes the left panel navigation bar. This feature, available under the Administration area in Branding and Color Scheme, allows you to create a uniquely branded experience that aligns with your company's identity.
  4. Other Items:
    1. Diagnostic buttons: While viewing the diagnostic panel from query browser, users can now see buttons to Copy Answer Link, Logs, and Add Question to Copilot
    2. Feedback: While viewing answers from the query browsers, users can see the feedback the user provided.

These updates aim to provide analysts with more control, enhanced security, and a tailored user experience. Dive into these new features to see how they can improve your workflow and user engagement.

Tested Models

Chat: gpt-4o-2024-05-13

Narrative: gpt-4o-2024-05-13

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