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Delivering the ideal solution to your users will require iterating on your copilots based on usage and feedback from users.

Within the product is the built-in opportunity to provide feedback on analysis. Make this functionality known to users and encourage them to use it to get better results from Max.

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Users can provide feedback under the response to their question directly from the chat window.


Monitoring Usage

Click the Query Browser icon from the left navigation to access question history.


Drag and drop the column headers to reorder the information based on what’s most important to you.


Click on a column header to filter your results. Let’s narrow down to negative feedback so that we can work to improve user’s results.


Click into a query to open a “chat view” of that user’s conversation for more context around their provided feedback.


From here you can scroll through queries to review the full chat history.


When reviewing query history look for:

  • What questions had poor feedback?
  • Are there trends here? For example: Did the majority of poor feedback come from one Skill?
  • If so, how can we update that Skill’s description and prompt to better answer user’s questions?


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