Whitelabel Options

Enhance Max's visual identity with whitelabeling capabilities. Admins with branding permissions can customize the look and feel of various features within Max.


Access the "Branding" pages via the paint palette icon in the left navigation of the admin panel. From the favicon to the login and email screens, personalize your interface to align with your brand. Turn specific customizations on or off as needed.


To navigate to the branding options open the Admin Panel from Max's main navigation:

Open Admin.jpg


Click the paint palette icon from the left navigation.

Open Branding Panel.jpg


From here you have options for each of the following:

Favicon Customization

A customized favicon helps reinforce the brand identity. When users see the familiar icon in their browser tab, it provides a subtle yet constant reminder of the brand, enhancing recognition and trust.

Browser Icon.jpg

Login Page Customization

A branded login page can be personalized with specific messages, colors, and logos that resonate with the target audience, making the experience more engaging.

Login Page.jpg

Welcome and Password Reset Emails Customization

The welcome email is often the first direct communication a user receives from the brand. A well-branded email can create a positive first impression and set the tone for future interactions. Ensuring that all communication, including password reset emails, aligns with the brand helps in maintaining a consistent voice and look, which reinforces brand identity.

Add images to emails.jpg


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