24.07 Release Notes

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Max version 24.07 was tested on OpenAI version gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09 for Chat & Narrative and text-embedding-3-small for Embeddings.


Updated Max User Rights

The majority of AnswerRocket's user rights options have been replaced with new, more intuitive options, that closely correlate with the product's left navigation.

User Rights.jpg

Selecting one of the top options like Admin Rights, will automatically select the accompanying rights from below.

Admin Rights.jpg

For more information on assigning user rights, click here.


Connections Page

Datasets can now be maintained within the Connections page of Skill Studio.

Connections in SS.jpg

Connections can be accessed from the left navigation of Skill Studio.


Custom Copilot Footer Messages

Users can now add a custom message to appear at the foot of the chat window. The footer message can be edited in the Copilot Settings tab of the Skill Studio. Use this field to describe your copilot or prompt users with what to ask about.

Footer message copilot settings.jpg

Once configured, the custom footer message will be displayed for that copilot in the Chat window.

Footer message in Chat.jpg


Scheduled Nightly Evaluations for Copilots

Within the Copilot Settings tab in Skill Studio, users may enable daily evaluations by activating the corresponding toggle. They can also set a daily question limit and exclude questions asked by users with a specific domain. Daily evaluations will run each night and will evaluate each of the questions asked (up to the daily question limit) in the past day. 

Enable Daily Evaluations.jpg

These evaluation batches will be displayed in the Test Runs tab in Skill Studio.


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