Email Configuration

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Administrators can manage whether AnswerRocket sends emails through the default AnswerRocket-managed email service or using a company-specific email server.

If a tenant uses the default AnswerRocket email service, no configuration is required. If you prefer to use a company-specific email server, some configuration is required.


To navigate to the Email Configuration page:

  1. Open the Admin tools from the main navigation in the top left corner.
    Open Admin.jpg
  2. Choose the Email Configuration icon from the left navigation.
    Choose Email Configuraton.jpg
  3. Here you can choose to use the default or a company-specific email server.
    Default Email Config.jpg
  4. If company-specific is selected, fill out all fields on the right before saving your configuration.
    Company-Specific Email setup.jpg

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