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Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Administrators can monitor user actions in Max by utilizing the Audit Trail page in Admin Tools. Each Audit Trail entry provides details about the user taking the action, their email address, a timestamp of the activity, and a message about their task.

The types of activities that are monitored in the Audit Trail are as follows:

  • User login (success, failure, remember-me)
  • User management (creation, updates, deletion, password reset, role creation)
  • System (server startup)
  • User Groups (creation, updates, deletion)
  • Domain Model (saving)
  • Tenant Email Config (updates)
  • Authentication Config (updates to SSO, updates to LDAP, updates to social login)


To navigate to the Audit Trail page:

  1. From the Admin menu, click the new Audit Trail icon.

Open Audit Trail.jpg

2. You can scroll and page through the audit trail entries, and drill into a particular one by clicking on it.

Audit Trail Entry.jpg

3. The full audit trail can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the Download CSV button.

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