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Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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You can now configure the environment base url in the tenant config page. Many environments will never need to touch this setting as it will already be populated, but it is useful if it needs to change or for self hosted/more hands off environment setups.

Your tenant is the public URL that the environment is reachable from, AnswerRocket uses it to generate links in emails to take users back into the app or in certain SSO integrations that involve a series of redirects that eventually land the user back in AnswerRocket.


To navigate to the Tenant Configuration page:

  1. Open the Admin panel by clicking the icon in the top left corner and selecting Admin.

Open Admin Panel.jpg

2. From the user management page (the default of the Admin pages) click the Tenant Configuration icon in the left navigation. This icon resembles a house with a key inside.

Choose Tenant Config.jpg

3. From here you can edit the name of your tenant, choose whether or not AnswerRocket can see analytics on your environment, and edit your environment URL.

Edit Tenant Page.jpg

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