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The user management page of the admin panel is where you will add new users, review existing users, and search for specific users. You can manage these users by adding to or editing their permissions, resetting their password when needed, or adding or removing them from user groups.


Search Users

Use the search bar at the top of the Users page to search for a specific user.

Search for a user.jpg

Toggle the switch for Show Inactive if you'd like to search through all users including ones set to inactive.

Show Inactive.jpg


Add New User

Click the button in the top right corner to Add a New User.

Add New User.jpg

From this page, enter your user's name and email address and assign them permissions. Add them to any groups that you'd like for them to be a part of.

New User Page.jpg


Edit Existing User

Click on a user entry to navigate to their user page.

Existing User Page.jpg

Here you can edit their details, change their user rights or groups, and reset their password.

Reset a User's Password

To reset a user's password, navigate to their user page and click the link in the top right corner.

Reset Password.jpg


Groups Tab

From the main user page, switch to the Groups tab across the top.

Groups Tab.jpg

From here you can search existing groups or create new groups as needed. 

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