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Skill Setup

Must have at least one document uploaded to your Knowledgebase. This document must be a PDF or txt files. Images in the PDF file will not be indexed.

Be sure to setup a valid embedding model and adjust your output prompt as needed. A matching threshold is used to filter facts, where a higher threshold raises the bar for a fact to make it into the answer. Change this threshold by modifying env.rag_parameters['match_threshold'], which ranges 0 to 1 and defaults to 0.5.


In order to upload documents to the Knowledgebase you must have semantic level access.


Use this skill to

Ask questions and get answers from your business documents.


This skill is good for

Receiving answers from any of the documents uploaded to the knowledge base. The facts include links to the sources of the information that answers the user's question. 


Example Output

Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 10.17.37 AM.png

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