Dimension Breakout

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Skill Setup

Ensure connection to dataset.


Use this skill to

  • Determine which brands/flavors are leading the category?
  • Which ones are leading growth?
  • How am I doing compared to my key competitors?

This skill is good for

Dimension Breakout will compare absolute value and growth across different subjects and metrics, identify top & bottom performers, and rank highest growing/declining performers in the market for a single time period. In configuration you can set up "groups of metrics" such that when users are asking for a metric, they can view performance across all metrics by default. For example: How do  sales for Brand X compare to other competitors? The answer can include sales volume and price out of the box.


Suggested Follow-Up Actions

  • {dim} growing
  • {dim} declining
  • Highest {metric} {dim}

Default Visualization

Pivot Table

Dimension Breakout.jpg


Example Questions

  • Which brands were leading the category in 2022?
  • Which category had the highest sales growth last year?
  • What is the volume of the highest sales brand?

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