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Hints are a helpful way to guide your copilot into the desired skill and parameter selections. You may wish to set up a hint when a question isn’t returning the desired skill or parameters or you may to wish to set up a hint when you get the exact answer that you’re looking for in hopes Max will return that information again.


How to add hints to your copilot:

  1. Navigate to Skill Studio.
    Open Skill Studio 2.jpg
  2. Click the beaker icon to open the questions panel.
    Beaker Icon 2.jpg
  3. Add the desired question to the Add Question box.
    Add Question 2.jpg
  4. Click Create.
    Click Create 2.jpg
  5. From the panel on the right, we can build out the hint.
    Here is an example of how hints should be formatted: 

[Metric Drivers](metric=[sales], periods=[2022], breakouts=[category])

Or, in more generic terms:

[Skill Name](variable1=[variable1 value], variable2=[variable2 value], variable3=[variable3 value])...

Add Hint.jpg


Note: By default, Hints are limited to those that are a semantic match and are limited to the 5 that match most closely. This default should work for almost all use cases but if you need to modify those defaults you can.

The semantic threshold that can be used to remove hints that are not a good match to the users query. This is done by adding hint_thresh to the Beta YAML for the copilot. (Seen below in the copilot settings).

Beta YAML Copilot Settings.jpg


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