24.05 Release Notes

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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New Modal for Creating Copilots

Users can now add a name, datasets, and skills to their new copilot upon creation.

New Copilot Modal.jpg


Copilot Level Dataset

Users can configure a copilot dataset that will automatically apply to skills if there is not a dataset selected. Skills can override the dataset with one different from the copilot's default.

Copilot Dataset.jpg


Copilot Properties Have Moved

The default page on the Copilot screen is now the skill editor.

Skill Editor.jpg

If you need to edit settings for the copilot itself, click on the gear icon in the top right.

Copilot Gear.jpgCopilot Settings.jpg


Error Messages for Dim Value Generation

Errors are now displayed for dimension values. At the dataset level screen you can see how many dimension values are unavailable, and drilling in to each will give you a detailed error message.

Dim Value Errors.jpg



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