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How to Set Up a Schedule in Max 

  1. From the left hand navigation, select Scheduler.

    Click Scheduler.jpg

  2. Click the icon in the bottom left corner to create a new schedule.

    Click the plus icon.jpg

  3. Give your schedule a name in the top field of the schedule creation form.

    Name Your Schedule.jpg

  4. Use the Frequency dropdown to determine how often you want your schedule to run.

  5. Use the Run on Hour dropdown to determine the hour of the day that your schedule should execute.

    Run on Hour.jpg

  6. Use the Share via Email option to configure your distribution list. Choose the users or user groups you want to share your schedule with. 

    Share via email.jpg
    Please Note that you must have at least one recipient selected here to create your schedule.
  7. Upload the JSON file containing your schedule by dragging it into the window or selecting Click to upload.

    Upload json file.jpg

    Example of a JSON Schedule File:

    Example JSON File.jpg

  8. Select Save Schedule to create your new schedule.

    Save Schedule.jpg

  9. Test Reports will allow you to test the schedule outside of the scheduled time.

    Test Reports.jpg


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