24.03 Release Notes

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Custom SQL for Datasets

When creating a dataset in Skill Studio there is now an option to specify custom SQL.

Custom SQL.jpg

Enter SQL.jpg

Once the dataset has been created, you can edit the SQL by clicking the eye next to the SQL Table name.

Click on the Eye.png

Note: The updates made to the SQL statement will not automatically be made to the domain. After updating the SQL statement, newly added concepts should be added manually, then the dataset should be reloaded. 


Dataset Primary Metric

You can now set a primary metric for your dataset.

To do so: Click the three dot menu next to the metric you wish to be the primary metric.

Set as Primary Metric.png

Select, Set as Primary Metric.

Once set, you can return to the three dot menu next to that metric to clear it from being the primary metric.

Clear Primary Metric.png

Visual Node Reordering

Visual nodes in the skill editor can now be rearranged using a dropdown on the skill node editor panel. The Display Order dropdown offers numeric options to determine the new position of a node as well as when it will be rendered in the final result (lowest to highest).

Visual Node Display Order.jpg

Once a value is selected for a node, the new node ordering will immediately be reflected on the skill flow canvas.

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