24.02 Release Notes

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Datasets Warnings

This is an actionable item when upgrading: Users will now be alerted if their dataset does not have a corresponding dim value file. If you are working with an older dataset, you will need to reload your data to create the dim value file and clear this alert.

No Associated Dim Value File.jpg


Chat Copilot Selection Dropdown

Copilot selection in Chat has now been moved to a dedicated dropdown in the header of the conversation area (previously located within the main Max logo menu).

Changing Copilot.jpg


New Variables Panel UI

Variables now are presented as a list instead of accordions.

New Variables Panel.jpg

Clicking on one will bring you into a new detailed view.

Duplicate Datasets.jpg

Datasets Being Made

Users can now view datasets as they are being made. There is now a progress bar along the top of the dataset as well as step numbers and name to indicate the status of the dataset.


While it is being constructed the dataset view will be periodically updated as new dataset information becomes available.


Chat Answer Time Info and Cache Refresh

Chat entries now display the relative date/time they were asked on the far right of their headers.



If the most recent chat entry used the cache to produce its answer, you will see a refresh icon to the right of the relative time. Hovering over this will give you info about the original cached answer date. Clicking this icon will rerun the specified answer without using the cache (giving you a fresh answer).


The Show Work control has been moved to the i icon on the far right of the chat entry headers. Clicking this will toggle the sequential diagnostics as before.


Surfacing Dimension Value

Users can now view and search for dimension values using the Dim Values in the dimension panel. From this panel users can also add and manage dim value mappings.


Dataset Date Interval

The date interval for a dataset will now be set in Skill Studio versus the Datasets panel of Chat. By default, this will be set to Daily.

Dataset Date Interval.png

Skill Import & Export

Skills can now be exported from a copilot and imported for use in another copilot.

To import a Skill:

  1. Click + Add New Skill, from the Skill dropdown of Skill Studio
    Import Skill Step 1.jpg
  2. Click Import Skill and then the Confirm button.
    Import Skill 2.jpg

      3. Upload a transport package that contains the skill that was previously exported from elsewhere.

      4. After clicking the Import button, the skill will be imported into the current copilot.

To Export a Skill:

  1. Select the Skill you wish to export from the Skill dropdown menu of Skill Studio.
  2. From the three dot menu, select Export Skill.

A copilot skill can now be exported.  This will create a transport package with just the skill in it (i.e. without the rest of the copilot).

If you export the same skill twice and import into the same copilot, it will overwrite the initial import of the skill.


Dim Value Mapping in Skill Studio

Dim values were previously mapped in the Datasets section of Chat and are now managed through the Skill Studio data page.

Dim Value Mapping.jpg

New API Configurations Page

The Max system page now has a new and improved API Configurations Page (previously only found in the Decks & RocketBots experience). To access this page, open Skill Studio and click the key icon in the left sidebar.

Key Icon.jpg
This will take you to the config page where you will see your existing configurations and can add new configurations as you like. There is a Chat Completion category to define all of your API configurations used for chat completions (currently chat and/or narrative) and an Embeddings category for defining configurations to use when performing embedding tasks.

Chat Completions and Embeddings.jpg
The forms offer ways to create, update, and delete configurations. Each form will have one or more checkboxes to determine when to use that form as the default for specific parts of the app. Those default assignments (“Chat”, “Narrative”, etc.) will be displayed on each configuration item in the list as blue pills.

New API Config.jpg
Only one configuration can be assigned to each default (but each configuration can have multiple assignments).

New Attribute Fields Available

From the attribute page, users can edit the visibility to the LLM, the SQL name of the attribute, the description sent to the LLM, the data type, and for metrics and calculated metrics you can set metric type.

new attributes fields available.png


Duplicating Datasets

From the Datasets option of the toolbar in Skill Studio, users can select to Duplicate Dataset from the three dot menu by the dataset name.
Duplicate Datasets.jpg

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