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Below you'll find a list of currently available skill templates for use in Max. The code for these skills is available to developers to use as a starting point when building out analysis types for use in Max copilots.

Skills indicated with a Managed Skill Icon.jpg icon are skills that are managed by AnswerRocket. This means that this skill will receive automatic updates from AnswerRocket as things are changed or improved. 

Data Explorer

Use this skill to: Explore your data.

Data Explorer gives an overview of performance for a single subject across different metrics and time periods. Users can also get an understanding of the overall trend of a metric as well as top movers in that metric to have an understanding of the competition (when relevant).

Default Visualization: Table


Dimension Breakout Managed Skill Icon.jpg

Use this skill to:

  • Determine which brands/flavors are leading the category?
  • Which ones are leading growth?
  • How am I doing compared to my key competitors?

Dimension Breakout will compare absolute value and growth across different subjects and metrics, identify top & bottom performers, and rank highest growing/declining performers in the market for a single time period. In configuration you can set up "groups of metrics" such that when users are asking for a metric, they can view performance across all metrics by default. For example: How do  sales for Brand X compare to other competitors? The answer can include sales volume and price out of the box.


Default Visualization: Pivot Table

Dimension Breakout.jpg

FAQ Skill

Use this skill to: Understand the analysis available, what the copilot can and cannot do, what kind of questions can be asked.

The FAQ skill exists to allow you to create parameters or guardrails around what your copilot is meant to do and what it isn't designed to do. Set up this skill to guide others in how they utilize the copilot. This skill does not offer a default visualization.


Market Share Driver Analysis Managed Skill Icon.jpg

Use this skill to:

  • Determine which packs/segments are effecting my share and how?
  • Determine which key metrics are effecting my share and how?
  • Determine which competitor is my biggest threat and why?

Market Share Driver Analysis provides users with an understanding of the share drivers or share change of a specific brand or manufacturer in the market. The provided explanation includes metrics drivers, competitive pressure, as well as impact of share change across different products and market segments.

Default Visualization: Table and Chart

New Market Share.jpg

Metric Drivers Managed Skill Icon.jpg

Use this skill to: Identify the key drivers of a metric.

Metric Drivers provides users with an understanding of the drivers of change for a specific KPI. The provided answer will include an explanation of the driving metrics, as well as different dimensional drivers. Users will be able to view the ranking of each dimension, the impact on change, and the ranking change of each dimension value to understand which are contributing to growth/decline of the metric.

Default Visualization: Multiple Pivot Tables

Metric Drivers.jpg


Trend Analysis Managed Skill Icon.jpg

Use this skill to:

  • Determine your share trends
  • Determine the key market trends
  • Determine the trend of a metric in a category for a given time period

Trend Analysis will compare the trends across different subjects and indicate who is growing/declining the most or identify any trends for one or more KPIs for a given subject.

Default Visualization: Chart and Table

Trend Analysis for Chat.jpg


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