Bulk Dataset Management

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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The owner of a dataset can use bulk dataset management to copy datasets to create a group of datasets. This group of datasets makes it easier to perform bulk management actions across applicable datasets. Owners can copy concept configurations (for both domain and calculated metrics) to other datasets in the same group.

Once a dataset has been copied, it can be shared to the same users/group as the original dataset.

To copy a dataset:

  1. Click the datasets icon.
    1 click datasets icon.jpg
  2. Choose the dataset you wish to make a copy of.
    Click the dataset.jpg
  3. Click the three dot menu next to the dataset's name.
    Click the three dot menu.jpg
  4. Select Duplicate Dataset.
    Duplicate Dataset.jpg
  5. From the modal, review the new group's name and the resulting dataset's name and click Duplicate Dataset.
    Duplicate Dataset 2.jpg
  6. A toast will appear letting you know when the new dataset and group have been created.
    Toast notification.jpg
  7. You will now see a group icon above the Properties menu. Click the icon to review the datasets in the same group as this dataset.
    Group Icon 2.jpg
  8. Here you can detach this dataset from the group if desired.
    Detach from Group.jpg
  9. Now, you can make necessary changes to metrics in your dataset. Once your changes are complete, click the three dot menu next to the metric name.
    Metric Name three dot.jpg
  10. Select Copy Metric to Group.
    Copy metric to group.jpg
  11. In the modal, review the properties of the metric that will be copied to the group. Changes to the metric's properties will be highlighted here for confirmation.
    Review changes.jpg
  12. Check the boxes of the datasets in the group that you wish to copy the changes to.
    Check the box.jpg
  13. Select Confirm when you are ready to save the changes.
    Click Confirm.jpg

Some things to note that occur when a dataset is duplicated:

  • The new dataset will be named with the format: “{Dataset Name} (copy)”
  • The new dataset keeps the original description
  • Entire matching domain config included calc metrics is ported
  • Any existing dataset metric hierarchy is ported
  • Any existing filters are ported
  • All statistics are copied
  • Generates embeddings
  • The new dataset (and original if not yet done) is attached to a group that is named based on the original dataset

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