Viewing and Adding Starter Questions

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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Starter questions are a great way to get new users started with Max and quickly run analysis. Configure starter questions for any copilot that you have edit access to. These starter questions will display on the main chat screen for all users in the copilot.


To view and add starter questions for your copilot:

  1. Navigate to Skill Studio.
    Choose Skill Studio.jpg

  2. Choose the desired copilot from the dropdown.
    Choose Desired Copilot.jpg

  3. Click the beaker icon to view the copilot's questions.
    Beaker Icon.jpg

  4. From the Question Library you can add new questions. These questions can be ones you wish to test or preview in Skill Studio, can be used as starter questions for your copilot, or both.
    Add New Question.jpg

  5. Check the box for Starter Question to set it as a starter question on the new chat screen.
    Starter Question check box.jpg

  6. Navigate back to the chat experience to view and run your added starter questions.
    Chat Starter Questions.jpg

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