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When you begin asking Max questions about a new dataset, Max will prompt you to fill in Preferences about how you analyze your data. These preferences provide the details that Max needs to answer your questions.

Sometimes, this prompt will come after asking a question. If Max doesn’t have enough information to run your analysis, like a time period, Max will inform you that you must first complete your preferences before your question can be run.

Each user can set preferences for the datasets they have access to. Each set of preferences is specific to the dataset. Preferences will be used in addition to explicit context provided in a question to run your analysis.


If Max hasn’t prompted you to complete preferences, you can access them from the Datasets panel.

  1. Select the dataset you wish to add preferences for.

  2. Click Add Preferences. 

  3. Click into the first blank field and select an option from the right side of the modal.

  4. Continue this process until all fields are filled in and blue.

  5. Once complete, select Save.

  6. Max now has details about your preferred method of analyzing your data and will incorporate this knowledge when answering your questions.


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