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Add joins to your dataset to expound on the data available for you to analyze with Max. A join allows you to connect additional tables to your core table using one shared column (dimension). For example, if you already have order data in Max and you want to add customer data, you could connect a new table with the shared customer ID dimension as the join between the two.

To add a join to your core data table:

  1. Open the datasets panel.

  2. Select the dataset that you wish to add a join to.

  3. Scroll down to the dimensions area and locate the dimension that you want to join another table to.
    (Please note that currently joins can only be added to dimensions and any columns added to your dataset will be added as additional dimensions. Meaning, no new metrics will be added to your dataset as a result of a join.)

  4. Click the three dot menu.

  5. Select Add Join.

  6. If you started your dataset from a CSV file, then you’ll see the option to upload another CSV. If you started your dataset from a database connection, you’ll be able to select another table from that database connection.

  7. Select the additional table you wish to join to your existing dataset.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Review the sample of your table and select Add to dataset.

  10. Max will keep you updated with the progress of your join. If you choose to close this window, a progress bar will be displayed in the dimension card that you’re adding a join to.

  11. A notification will appear when your join is ready to review.

  12. Click Review Join Plan

  13. Here you’ll see the accuracy of your dataset match, the column that Max identified to join with(highest accuracy), and the number of new dimensions and/or dates that will be added to your dataset from this table.

  14. Click Add to dataset to complete the join process.

  15. Your new dimensions will now appear as cards in the dataset panel. 

  16. The dimension used for the join will now appear as “hidden” to avoid a duplicate dimension.

  17. To manage or delete your join, click the three dot menu on the dimension used to create the join and select, Manage Join.

  18. From here you can review the join information or select Delete Join to remove the join and delete the associated dimensions.

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