Chatting with Max

Asking a Question

To ask Max a question, simply click into the chat bar at the bottom of the window and type your question.

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Hit the enter key or click the Send button to submit your question.

Send Question.jpgIf you aren’t sure where to start in your conversation with Max, try running a starter question. To run a a starter question, click on the question and Max will immediately begin running your analysis.

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As your question runs, Max will keep you updated with the status of the answer.


Editing or Deleting a Chat Entry

Hover over your question to reveal three icons.
Editing Deleting a Chat.jpg

Click the trash can icon to delete this chat entry, removing it from your conversation history.
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Click the pencil icon to edit your query. When you are done editing the text, click the check mark to save your changes. To cancel editing, click the x.
Pencil Icon.jpg

Click the star icon to save this question. For more information on saving questions, click here.
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Providing Feedback

Hover over the answer window to reveal Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down icons in the top right hand corner.

Use these icons to let Max know whether or not the answer provided was:

  • Relevant to your question.
  • Correct based on your data.
  • Properly answered your question.


Interpretation Pills


The first words indicate the skill that Max ran while performing this analysis.

The following pills shows the metric that Max analyzed, any filters that were applied, the time period(s) the analysis was run on, and any additional dimensions that were broken out.

If the results were limited to a "top" or "bottom" number of results, this will be indicated by a grey pill.


New Chat

Click the New Chat icon to start a new line of analysis with Max.

New Chat.jpg

Start a new chat with Max when you are ready to change subject matter and don’t wish for Max to consider previous questions/answers when running your new analysis.


Cached Answer

If you've previously asked a question in Max or are revisiting a question from the Chats window, you will see the time the question ran and an icon.

Cached Answer Icon.jpg

Clicking this icon will rerun your question with any updated data.


Click the share icon in the top right corner to share a chat with any user of the system.  Sharing a chat will provide you with a link that can be shared out to other users who can follow that link to see the conversation you have had with Max.


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