Understanding Your Data

Maegan Morrison
Maegan Morrison
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To explore the concepts in your data that are available to your copilot:

  1. Navigate to Skill Studio from the main navigation icon in the top left corner.
    Choose Skill Studio.jpg
  2. Select the Skill from the toolbar dropdown that you wish to explore the data for.
    Select Skill.jpg
  3. Choose the data icon from the toolbar.
    Choose Data Icon.jpg
  4. Here you can see the dataset available to this skill.
    Available Dataset.jpg
  5. Each dataset shows you its' name, the SQL Table it is coming from, and the data interval for the dataset.
    Data name, table, interval.jpg
  6. You can set a date range for the dataset here.
    Dataset Date Range.jpg
  7. Use the search bar to search the available metrics and dimensions or scroll through all of them.
    Search Bar.jpg
  8. The three dot menu for each metric will allow you to hide it from the LLM, convert it to a dimension, or set it as the primary metric for that skill.
    Metric Three Dot Menu.jpg
  9. Clicking into a metric will show you the details, description, data type, metric type, output label, formatting, growth type, and growth format for that metric.
    Clicking into a metric.jpg
  10. Each dimension entry will show you grey pills with some of the dimension values available in the data.
    Grey dim value pills.jpg
  11. The three dot menu for each dimension will allow you to hide that dimension from the LLM. Some dimensions will offer the option to convert to a metric.
    Dim three dot menu.jpg
  12. Clicking into a dimension will display the details about the dimension's configuration.
    Click into a Dimension.jpg
  13. Switch to the dimension values tab to see all available dimension values.
    Dimension Values.jpg

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