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Max allows you to explore your data through natural conversation. Much like the powers of OpenAI’s Chat GPT, but specific to your data and use case, Max can quickly provide answers to questions about anything pertaining to your data. 

Max is an AI Assistant for Data Analysis

  • Available whenever you need
  • Understands your business and your data
  • Has a built in tool-kit of advanced analytics skills that can be customized to your copilot's needs
  • Parses through data faster than any human possibly could
  • Turns raw data into insightful stories
  • Thinks ahead to provide analysis you didn’t even consider

Product Overview

Max is comprised of three main elements:

  • Chat - This is where end users interact with the product by asking Max questions.
  • Skill Studio - This is where developers or analysts build and customize copilots and skills.
  • Admin - This is where administrative tasks are handled.

Navigate between these three areas of the product using the icon in the top left corner. Icon will vary based on the area of the product you are currently in. 
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This is where users converse with Max, ask questions about their data, and dig deeper into the analysis that Max provides. Within Chat, users can run starter questions, edit their query, save a question to their favorites, run favorited questions, switch between copilots, and so much more.

Chat with a question .jpg

Skill Studio

This area of the product houses the powerful tools that make up the chat experience. Here, you can build customized AI assistants (copilots), add and configure analytical capabilities (skills), connect to your data, build out test questions, set up hints, and share and configure copilots.

Skill Studio.jpg


This is the administrative panel of the product. Here, administrators can add and manage users and user groups, configure their tenant, and access developer tools.

System - Admin Panel.jpg


What is a Copilot?

Copilots are customized AI assistants that are built to carry out tasks. Copilots are comprised of functions, known as skills, that perform different types of analysis.



What does a skill do.jpg

Max offers a library of templated skills that can be customized to meet your copilot's needs, or you can build fully custom skills from scratch in Skill Studio. These are the tools that your copilot is equipped with to perform the job it is assigned to. Skills connect to data, collect the information they need, and use analytical techniques to surface key information, generate natural language insights, and provide supporting visualizations.


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