Summary of Data Protection Schedule

For customers, AnswerRocket provides a number of data protection services.  These are formally outlined in the Data Protection Schedule included with a Master Services Agreement.  


In simpler terms, this agreement outlines the data protection measures that AnswerRocket follows to secure your data. Here are the key points:

  1. AnswerRocket will implement security measures to protect your data and update these measures as technology evolves.
  2. AnswerRocket will monitor its systems for unauthorized access and use tools to prevent intrusions.
  3. Access to the AnswerRocket services will only be granted to authorized users with valid credentials.
  4. AnswerRocket will maintain policies and procedures to respond to any security incidents involving your data.
  5. AnswerRocket keeps detailed logs of their systems and will provide you with copies if needed for investigations.
  6. AnswerRocket’s facilities have proper physical security measures in place.
  7. AnswerRocket will dispose of media containing your data using industry-standard processes.
  8. AnswerRocket will back up your data, store it securely and have data recovery procedures in place.
  9. AnswerRocket has a disaster recovery plan to maintain operations in case of catastrophic events.
  10. AnswerRocket uses anti-malware software and keeps it updated to protect its systems.
  11. Access to your data will be based on a least-privilege approach/need-to-know principle.
  12. Your data remains your exclusive property and will be kept separate from AnswerRocket's data and the data of other customers.
  13. AnswerRocket has a vulnerability management program to identify and fix technical and process vulnerabilities in their systems.


These measures are intended to ensure that your data is protected and that AnswerRocket responds appropriately to any security incidents.


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