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How does Max work?

Max combines AnswerRocket's augmented analytics platform with OpenAI's GPT-3 large language model to enable a conversational data analysis experience.

Instead of having to input SQL queries, users are able to interact with Max using natural language, removing a significant technical barrier.

Max is different from ChatGPT because it was designed to analyze data. It has a built-in toolkit of analytics skills that help you explore, analyze, and generate insights from data. It also produces data visualizations and provides suggested follow-ups, both of which ChatGPT is unable to do. Also unlike ChatGPT, Max works with your specific datasets versus a broad corpus of knowledge gleaned from the internet. 


What kinds of questions can I ask Max?

Ask Max about anything that pertains to the dataset you've uploaded. If you've added sales and marketing data for instance, ask about your top performing products over different time periods, across different regions, or by demographic. As long as the data is available to Max, then you can ask questions about it.


Are there limits to what Max can do?

Yes, Max is limited to the dataset you make available to it as Max is not connected to the internet. Max can answer contextual questions about the types of things it is able to answer as well! If you get stuck, ask something like, "What kinds of questions can I ask you?" or "What do you know about?"


What data can Max help me analyze?

Currently, you can upload any data you'd like via CSV file to begin analyzing with Max. Please ensure your CSV file has a header row with titles for each column. For best results, make sure your data has at least one metric available as Max cannot currently make net new calculations.


Can I upload my own data for analysis?

Yes, Max is currently only accepting CSV file uploads for analysis but we plan to accept other data sources in the future.


What type of data works best with Max?

Max works with any dataset that meets the following criteria:

  • Is a CSV file.
  • Has clearly labeled column headers.
  • Is under 100 MB in total file size.
  • Does not contain special characters.

For more information on the ideal types of data to use with Max, click here.


Can I access previous chats with Max?

Yes, access your previous conversations with Max via the "Topics" section in your left navigation. Here, you'll see the initial question from each chat. Access the full chat by clicking on the question that initiated your conversation.


How can I train Max on my data and business?

You can use Training Examples to teach Max more about the analysis you're performing, refining its knowledge base over time. Learn more about training Max here. (link to Training examples article)


Who can view my conversations with Max?

Currently conversations with Max are at a single-user level. Questions you ask Max are not seen by anyone else and cannot be shared with anyone else at the moment.


Can I add users to my account?

Currently, all accounts are single-user. Max is just getting started and will continue to add capabilities as we grow. Talk to a Max representative to learn more.


What does it cost to use Max?

Max is currently in Early Access. During this time there is no cost to use Max. We are gradually granting access to people who join our waitlist. Our current focus is on ensuring the technology supports a variety of use cases and gathering feedback on the user experience.


What security measures are in place for my data?

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